Our Services

Poultry Breeding

Our Poultry Breeding programme focuses on maintaining / increasing the current flock or for selecting specific individuals for improvement in one or more characteristics (e.g., for size, weight, egg production, meat quality, behavior, plumage, comb type, or a combination of factors)

Poultry Hatchery Services

We offer Poultry Hatchery Services at large scale using modern state-of-the-art technology

Complete Animal/Poultry Feeds

We offer Animal/Poultry Feeds production, with advanced technology equipment, efficient work systems, and a rich manufacturing experience.

Animal/Poultry Feeds inputs concentrates-additives

We offer quality Animal/Poultry Feeds inputs concentrates-additives

Grain Management

We offer robust grain management services​ using state-of-the-art technology and equipment

Farm Change management

We offer professional farm and farmer change management trainings and process facilitation

Modern Farming Development

At hatches, we facilitate Modern Farming Development through farmer skilling, capacity building, extension services and Market Support

Supplier Relationship Management

Hatches limited undertakes Supplier Relationship Management through facilitation and support on the placement of calls and receipt of bids/quotations from different suppliers